2 de maio de 2012

the coke/carbon trust study.

clique na imagem para ler o estudo [inglês]

"The Coke/Carbon Trust study set out to assess London-based consumers’ understanding and attitudes about the carbon impact of their lifestyle activities, and to test the idea of a daily carbon allowance, analogous to the daily nutritional allowance that is very familiar to consumers. The study found that consumers reacted positively to the concept of a daily carbon allowance. With the benefit of this concept and carbon footprint tools provided during the study many participants were able to significantly reduce their own personal carbon footprint and were better able to understand the carbon impacts of their choices. Many participants expressed a preference for seeing carbon allowance information on product packaging, with additional information accessible online."
[ Sustainable Brands ]

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super carrinho. faça as idéias rodarem aqui também.
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