27 de julho de 2011

Consumers encouraged to make ‘simple choices for a better planet’.

By Simon - big green smile

27. July 2011 12:00
The simple choices are some of the most important when it comes to saving energy and resources to help keep our planet green, according to Mxenergy, an independent energy provider in the United States.
Marjorie Kass, Mxenergy’s managing director, said: "What you realise as you move to a more sustainable lifestyle is how so much of ‘green living’ is just about simple choices.
"Do you use plastic bags at the grocery store? Do you use cloth napkins instead of paper? All these small choices add up to a better planet for us all."
The company urges consumers to consider packaging - choosing recyclable cartons and cardboard boxes over plastic and glass; using matches instead of lighters; and one of my favourites, something that has the potential to become a bit of a playground slogan, "Say no to straws!"
Other suggestions include switching to online banking to eliminate the need for paper statements, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and saving energy in unnecessary deliveries.
Reuse and recycle too - whether taking your own mug to the coffee shop or bags to the shops so you don’t need to use more plastic ones.
And buy in bulk. It not only saves on packaging, but is also cheaper too.
Many of BigGreenSmile’s cleaning products are available in bulk buy, and we offer great discounts too.
Marjorie Kass also encourages customers to think "green" when choosing their energy provider. MXenergy state that they are "committed to the sustainability movement". That’s good to know. And thanks for the tips Marjorie. We’ll certainly bear you in mind if we all move to the States!
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