25 de abril de 2012

escolhas. choices.

 by richard stultz

"Quantas vezes você se pegou observando uma gôndola de supermercado, confuso diante da grande quantidade de opções e marcas do mesmo xampu? Como saber se seu cabelo precisa mais de brilho ou vitalidade? Diante das tantas alternativas com que nos deparamos todos os dias, o fotógrafo Richard Stultz criou o ensaio abaixo, intitulado Choices, que representa essas “grandes” escolhas do cotidiano do homem moderno." [do  zupi ] [via embalagem sustentável]

"When we shop, we are presented with aisles of thousands of different products. There are shelves with an endless variety of similar items, often just a variation on the one next to it. Other shelves display large quantities of identical products. We may find 50 types of beer, dozens of ways to soothe an upset stomach, or 14 types of Pop Tarts. There are cans of dog food with descriptions that sound as appetizing as anything we might cook for ourselves. There are so many shades of hair coloring that we can’t distinguish between many of them. Beyond the astounding quantity and selection, retail displays are often visually interesting with striking design elements, color, and repetitive patterns. But as we shop and try to find the perfect product, we often don’t see the perverse beauty of these choices. These photographs describe what often passes without recognition; they capture our retail reality in a design context."

Richard Stultz has exhibited his photographs in solo and group exhibitions in the western United States. His work has been published in Camera Artsmagazine and Black & White magazine and is held in public and private collections.  He is represented by Modernbook Gallery in Palo Alto, California.  He operates a commercial architectural photography practice in the San Francisco Bay Area.

family portrait

five cans gone

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