12 de março de 2012

greenwashers. [2010]

" Featuring renowned environmentalist Bill McKibben and business executive Scot Case, Greenwashers is a satirical documentary that blurs the line between green and greed, truth and believability, environmentalism and marketing. Misleading consumers about the environmental benefits of a product or service has become a new marketing standard and Greenwashers takes this practice to the extreme. Following a pair of Greenwashers, the film illustrates the various strategies, sins, and consequences of greenwash. As a mash-up of real commercials, live events, examples, and both real and fictional characters, this documentary will lead you through a twisting green labyrinth of misdirection. Just enjoy the journey! "

 Licença Creative Commons  #supercarrinho  @supercarrinho

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super carrinho. faça as idéias rodarem aqui também.
obrigada pela participação no debate.