2 de agosto de 2011

wasting water is weird.

There's this moment when using water becomes wasting water. That's when things start getting weird. But don't take our word for it. Just watch Rip the Drip as he pops in right at that moment. KrrrchKrrrchKrrrchKrrrch.

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Rip the Drip was born under the water sign Pisces, and is an assistant shift manager at a local water park. He enjoys taking long showers, listening to running faucets and opening fire hydrants. He has a proud collection of high-pressure hose nozzles that he uses to perform various dance routines in his driveway. His favorite movie is Waterworld—which he has seen 786 times—and he dreams of one day visiting Niagara Falls.

Licença Creative Commons #supercarrinho @supercarrinho

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super carrinho. faça as idéias rodarem aqui também.
obrigada pela participação no debate.